The company Technoexan has been established according to the Decree of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, 25.01.1989 and registered by the Ministry of Finance of the USSR, 29.05.1989 (Reg.#499). The main founder of the Technoexan is the Ioffe Institute. One of the initiators of the company establishment was Nobel Prize winner academician Zhores Alferov, vice-president of the Academy of Sciences.

The Technoexan is one of the first innovative business enterprises in the USSR. Its prime objectives were and remain at present time the commercialization and promotion of the applied investigations of the Ioffe Institute and the advancement of their products to the domestic and foreign markets.

The Technoexan is proceeding the work on attraction of customers and investors for joint realization of scientific and technical projects. R&D can be carried out according to the concrete requirements of a customer. The company renders services as technological broker. The Technoexan together with the Ioffe Institute has mastered manufacture and realisation of the R&D production in such fields as photovoltaics, fabrication of photodiodes,equipment for diagnostics of plasma products at thermonuclear synthesis.

The Technoexan performs all the works by the project principle by research and development teams, which are formed of highly skilled scientists and technicians. The Pilot-production of the Ioffe Institute is the base for carrying out the work. The outsourcing with design institutions and industrial enterprises of St.Petersburg and Russia is widely used. The company is fulfilling R&D collaboration with many scientific centers in the World.

The Technoexan, during its history, is deeply involved in the external economic activity.

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